A Journey through the Fires of Hell

On February 13, 2016 at 6:00 PM:

I am burning in pain
I am firing with anger
I am heading to destruction
And I am fading in silence.

For what reason do people need help always so badly?
Is it because they can’t stand on their own?
Or is it a sign of unpreparedness?
Whatever it may be, ask for it appropriately.

Going home became harder than going out.
There were more than once you said the neighbours harm
But it turned out that home was worth the flee
Then neighbourhood became a friend to me.

No words to say though nothing’s okay.
Why do you impoverish your tongue?
Don’t keep your mouth shut!
I will kill you or you kill me if you just!

Stop it! You stupidity!
For how many years you lived with your dissonance,
You are still your unresolved memory
You idiot! This is not by chance.

You looked back at what should be forgotten
And you discovered you haven’t forgiven
This was your choice to dwell
You brought me towards your journey to hell.



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