Left Behind


Here I am at the tip of the deepest underneath with dreams bent and broken by the wind of burning wrath. How happy I was to freely spread my wings and surpass every storm with courage. I was a happy child. I was brave. I had faith. I was strong from the start even without your presence. How could you dare break my life? How I wish blaming you will turn back the times. How I wanted revenge to take over my eyes and don’t see your path. How I dream to build my life again. How I pray you didn’t come back and make my life miserable like this. How I grieve I wasn’t born. You took away the joy, the faith, the mind, the love, and the pupose of my life. I have no map to get my self out of here. I am lost and wandering for little hope. And here I am watching the people rise with their wings, while I who flew high above the stormy skies had fell down and shattered and couldn’t stand upon my knees. And here your are with your hands off, watching me die on my own. Look at me die, shivering in tremendous pain. You are not responsible of me.

Posted on April 11, 2016 at 11:45 AM


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