Truth shall remain TRUTH!


I have always asked myself…

Why do I need to filter the truth nd make it sound less hurtful.
If truth will set you free, why are there so many people afraid of freedom?
Which hurts greater, words with honesty or words of truthfulness?
If the truth hurts, why do we complain?

I don’t understand people who are sensitive about telling the truth. They don’t tell the truth because they are afraid to hurt somebody.
But here’s a thing… If I speak the whole truth and hurt somebody, I will not manipulate the truth to make it sound less hurtful because a truthful data yeilds a valid answer. It is no one’s fault you’ve been living a painful reality and caused you to perceive the truth as pain. There is no need to manipulate the truth, speak the whole of it. If there is someone who should adjust, he should be someone who beholds the truth. He is hurt because he perceives the truth as hurtful. It is his perception that is to be blamed, not our capability to tell the truth. Complain about the pain, not the truth. Truth shall remain the truth. Pain shall be coped.


Posted on September 12, 2016 at 7:35 AM

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