Denigration To What Matters Most

Never belittle the willingness to learn. The only thing I provide with leverage now is my willingness to complete my checklist. Though slower I am, I’m still learning and striving to live every second of each day.
Never belittle the time I wasted for each task I make. Every task I have is important to me. I can die after all of these are done with no regrets. I will be greatly satisfied after achieving all of these.

Never belittle my capability of expressing myself clearly. My ability to translate intricated thoughts and complicated feelings into simpler language is my personal advantage. This keeps me alive while in a gloom.

Never belittle when I study and delay my gratifications. I survived this abrupt and unpredictable orientation because I educated myself with what was happening in me.

Never belittle when people appreciate me. People who care and understand have raised my self-esteem from 5% to 60%. This already yielded a significant change in me.

Never belittle when I long to be with friends. My life becomes less wonderful without them. The generation I’m in is the generation I must live with. And I believe I’m still fit to enjoy my unresolved childhood.

Never belittle when I blame nobody. Associating mistakes to people hurts me more. I don’t blame. I just get mad at people for their choice of ignorance and nonchalance.

Never belittle my thesis. You may not understand why many students spend an hour for sleep to do research and get drunk for misfortune. Thesis just matters a lot. This is not just a research, a paper to do, an essay to write, an editorial to express, a feature to beautify. Research has helped us adjust to some major changes in society. The epistemology that seeks to listen, understand, and support for the growth of life and the betterment of it.

Never belittle. Just don’t!

Posted on Facebook last Oct 16, 2015 11:49am

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