The Past

I’ve thrown a paper airplane to the wind
it flew so freely, it was lost
I’ve run to traffic with my friends and foes
to find that valued, no one knows

Days were passing by
all I saw was none of mine
No one heard if I’m still alive
nor sought to see I’m still behind

The night freezes tremendously
I ran fast to free the scare
I found a shelter I didn’t care
just hide from the eyes of the great nightmare

At the sight of the dark embrace
everything seemed to be silent
Trees were dancing with the gentle whispers of the wind
for they were glad to see the light

A new day has come
I am in awe what I’ve become
I found my long lost valued one beside a cave
and the cave is where I live

I think of those consequences
I am the author of my mistake
Today, what’s left is what I am
Who’d know my life has just begun

(a poem I have written during the Poem Writing – Free Style Competition in High School)

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