15 Things I Did To Be Buoyant In The Drowning Sea of Major Depression

It is not easy to live when emptiness is all there is to see, when the life that you knew becomes your past, when purpose is far-off of your reach, and the world that once your home is unwelcoming. It is a hell of demons outplacing your hope with fear, an ocean of ghosts driving out your soul. It is a taste of eternal destruction as you feel your chest when you breathe out life and you breathe in death.

It is difficult to swim when the current of the ocean is stronger than your limbs. But here are 15 Things I Did To Be Buoyant In The Drowning Sea of Major Depression:

  1. Cried it out, talked, and cried again. It’s okay to cry.
  2.  Ate a lot (stress eating), slept and woke up anytime.
  3. Bought new clothes to wear.
  4. Isolated myself.
  5. Tried to be my past self.
  6. Read interest books even though I don’t understand enough.
  7. Reviewed my academic lessons.
  8. Walked and walked and walked.
  9. Did something crazy.
  10. Sang songs that resonate the feeling of emptiness and sorrow (e.g. Second Chances by Allegiance).
  11. Watched movies that resonate the feeling of guilt, anxiety, and fear (e.g. The Exorcism of Emily Rose).
  12. Cooperated in the professional health care.
  13. Wrote anything that comes from the mind no matter how segmented or meaningless it was.
  14. Thought that I was not part of my problem and looking from a wider vision. Identifying what have been my stressors and getting away from them.
  15. Loving and being kinder.


A CrashCourse about Depression


Other helpful videos


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