Welcome, welcome, welcome!

You have reached the place where I relinquish a few of what’s in my mind and heart. I hope you enjoy the cadence of my written thoughts.

The purpose of this blog is to give my self a ledger of my sporadic disposition, posted in a  blog so that others may read and provide me with feedback. I would appreciate feedback from other people, be it affirmative or criticism, a question or an answer. Blog posts are categorized in ways I want to represent my insights and vantage points. Discourses are my discussions and essays. Journals are my experiential accounts. Lessons Learned are things I’ve learned from studying, reading, people, situations, etc. Quotes are excerpts and citations that enliven me, from people who inspire me. Quotes are also sayings and short and simple things I just want to note. Stories are food-for-thought anecdotes, chronicles and archives that I have read. Opinions are my reactions, assumptions and ideas about other people’s works. Sometimes they are faulty. And Music are the vocals and instrumental compositions significant to me.

Part of my thoughts are in this blog.
How about you? Let me know your thoughts! 🙂


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