Reinventing Life from an Empty Soul

Russel June Ramirez generally operates under the assumption that things are going fine. Rarely will he give in to a sense of defeatism even when circumstances present a rather gloomy outlook. However, his cheerful exterior can at times hide a troubled inner life. Though he meets life’s challenges squarely, such worldly concerns may draw an inordinate amount of energy away from his own problems. He must beware that unresolved personal issues do not undercut his endeavors.

Russel June can be very generous, giving person but only when he feels it is warranted. Though optimist, he is a realistic and objective individual not to be approached for a handout, and generally of the opinion that “God helps those that help themselves.” This attitude applies in relation to his parents as well and although he is “there” for his families, he may appear a bit hard at times, particularly since he is rather judgmental. In truth, he is an extremely dutiful and responsible individual who understands that too much kindness kills independence, too much nurturing stifles growth.

He is an interesting blend of pragmatist and idealist. His naiveté manifests in relation to himself, not to the world at large, which he treat quite realistically. Fortunately, Russel uses the world as a mirror for self-understanding.

He is happiest when in motion. He loves to fly, to drive—in short to travel for its own sake. Too often, he feels that by moving he can leave his troubles behind, but of course such is not the case. Russel could benefit greatly from centering himself and withdrawing periodically from his numerous involvements. He can succeed in facing up to his difficulties. After he weathers the initial shock and depression that may follow, he can emerge as a stronger and more aware individual with a purpose.

(from The Secret Language of Birthdays)


Early Childhood

Academic: I play
Personal/Social: Make friends
Spiritual: Ask God

Grade School

Academic: I think, I learn
Personal/Social: I adapt, I conform
Spiritual: I pray

High School

Academic: I analyze, I critique
Personal/Social: I follow, I lead
Spiritual: Be humble, Be kind


Academic: Enjoy the study
Personal/Social: Be natural, Be yourself
Spiritual: God is my friend


Work: Be Productive

Personal/Social: Be a champion of humanity, Be brave

Spiritual: God is my stronghold


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