If not now, then when?


       While most students declaim their vehemence regarding the ISMIS 2.0., there might be a good reason why it was launched just before enrolment schedules. Remember that not all “good reasons” are acceptable because of a plenty of good reasons too that others behold.
       I just believe that it was an intelligent, strategic decision done by those in-charge of ISMIS. It might have been launched this early to foresee the problems they will encounter on 2017, both technical and social. Knowing the problems as early as now, ISMIS provide themselves with ample time to address them in preparation for the next enrolment. If they would launch it next enrolment, they’ll still be experiencing problems. The issues will still be turning back round on them anyway. If not now, then when?
       I also lined up yesterday patiently and went home with my concern unattended. But let’s relax our neurons. We’ve been physically and emotionally exhausted for waiting and being angry.
Posted on Facebook Nov 04, 2016 6:31pm