You are NOT Depressed

This post was a comment on Prince Ea's video (Oct 26, 2016 5:37am).

The assertion is based on the idea of someone looking from the external position, so detached from the psychological condition. If I see a bird, I know it is a bird and it is not me, of course, because I am a human. I will never know how the bird feels and what it’s thinking.

But remember that we do not just perceive things with the eyes. Sometimes we perceive with other senses, such as feeling and thinking. Your logic suggests the same with this, “I know I am thinking and I perceive and witness myself “thinking” right now, therefore “thinking is not part of me”. Is this the reality that you want people with depression to realize? You are suggesting a MALADAPTIVE THINKING! What I mean is when you actually say that you feel that there is something NOT RIGHT about you (mentally or emotionally), you perceive and witness it with your internal senses. But supporting your logic, I am hungry right now, I can feel my stomach, and what I feel right now is labeled by my mind as “hunger”, that is why I know and I perceive and witness myself “hungry”. Hunger comes and hunger goes while I stay right here. Every time I get hungry, I will think about this, your logic. So I will not eat until I die because hunger “comes and goes” and it is “not hunger” even. Yes, PEOPLE DIE, they also come and GO. People are not like the sky.
Dude, you are using a WRONG metaphor and WRONG logic.


Your claims are just wrong. Wrong syllogism. Wrong metaphor.


“People stay like the sky, unlike the clouds that come and go.”

People are Skies
the Skies stay
Ergo, People stay.

–>POINT 1: NON SEQUITUR. People die and don’t stay in this world. People come (born) and go (die).


“Sadness, frustrations, depression are not you.”

[Sadness, frustrations, depression] are [those that come and go].
[Those that come and go] are [not you].
Therefore, [sadness, frustrations, depression] are [not you].

–>POINT 2: Still NON SEQUITUR. Of course they aren’t, not because they come and go but because they are NOT identities, roles, and characters of people, that’s why they can’t be you. They are emotional and mood conditions, terms (words) to determine what is happening with humans’ neurotransmitters.


“You are greater than anything that comes and goes.”

–>POINT 3: EQUIVOCATION. The sun comes (created) and goes (die), but the sun is greater than you.

Proof: SIZE
The Sun is greater (size) than the Earth.
The Earth is greater (size) than you (human).
Therefore, the sun is greater (size) than you.


“The Witness of Depression is not Depressed.”

this is correct for the following:

The Witness of Depression is Prince.
Prince is not Depressed. (TAKE NOTE: does not possess the condition)
Ergo, The Witness of Depression is not Depressed.

(Prince here is the “external observer” of the depressed person, but what if we use “EAas the Depressed (clinically) instead of “Prince”?)

A. (when EA is the witness of his Depression)
The Witness of Depression is EA.
EA is Depressed. (TAKE NOTE: possesses the condition)
Ergo, the Witness of Depression is Depressed.

B. (when EA is the witness of a Depressed (who is not him))
The Witness of Depression is EA.
EA is not Depressed. (TAKE NOTE: does not possess the condition)
Ergo, the Witness of Depression is not Depressed.

–>POINT 4: ILLOGICAL CONCLUSION. “The Witness of Depression is not Depressed” holds true IF the Witness DOES NOT possess the psychological condition.

This is a fallacy.

The Witness of Depression is EA.
EA is not Depressed. (TAKE NOTE: does not possess the condition)
Ergo, the Witness of Depression is Depressed. (INVALID!)

...this is the same as follows:

A is equal to B.
B is not equal to C.
Ergo, A is equal to C.

...when we substitute numbers,

2 = (1+1)
(1+1) is not = 11
Ergo, 2 = 11

An illogical conclusion, a fallacy wherein somebody attests a conclusion that does not follow from the suggestions.

----end of rebuttal----

Have you experienced being hungry? In case you have, and you witnessed your hunger, don’t worry, you were not hungry. If you were not hungry, why did you eat? It seems that something that is not happening is affecting you.

Have you ever witnessed yourself thinking? If your claim is true, then the witness of thinking is not thinking. So next time you are thinking, acknowledge that you are not.

Please don’t feel insulted. I am not angry. I am just refuting your faulty assertion.Read More »


Denigration To What Matters Most

Never belittle the willingness to learn. The only thing I provide with leverage now is my willingness to complete my checklist. Though slower I am, I’m still learning and striving to live every second of each day.
Never belittle the time I wasted for each task I make. Every task I have is important to me. I can die after all of these are done with no regrets. I will be greatly satisfied after achieving all of these.

Never belittle my capability of expressing myself clearly. My ability to translate intricated thoughts and complicated feelings into simpler language is my personal advantage. This keeps me alive while in a gloom.

Never belittle when I study and delay my gratifications. I survived this abrupt and unpredictable orientation because I educated myself with what was happening in me.

Never belittle when people appreciate me. People who care and understand have raised my self-esteem from 5% to 60%. This already yielded a significant change in me.

Never belittle when I long to be with friends. My life becomes less wonderful without them. The generation I’m in is the generation I must live with. And I believe I’m still fit to enjoy my unresolved childhood.

Never belittle when I blame nobody. Associating mistakes to people hurts me more. I don’t blame. I just get mad at people for their choice of ignorance and nonchalance.

Never belittle my thesis. You may not understand why many students spend an hour for sleep to do research and get drunk for misfortune. Thesis just matters a lot. This is not just a research, a paper to do, an essay to write, an editorial to express, a feature to beautify. Research has helped us adjust to some major changes in society. The epistemology that seeks to listen, understand, and support for the growth of life and the betterment of it.

Never belittle. Just don’t!

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Sayup bisag unsaon!

I was angry when I posted this on Facebook last Oct 15, 2014 8:21am:
Ang pagpamakak SAYUP! Kung musulti ug tinuod SAYUP GIHAPUN? Hilom nalang ui. Maypang magtuon di pa mangaway ang PDF. Psychology btaw akung course pero taw mn gihapun ko, maproblema sd ko, gibati sd ko ug kasakit, mamatay pd ko. I have always been a human, and I'm proud of that! Nganung di mn jd dawatun ang kamatuoran gd? STOP your IRRATIONAL THOUGHTS! Your mind is above your heart, gamita sa saktong pamaagi! THINK!

To formally express my anger, I TELL YOU MY REBUTTAL!
1. Argumentum ad baculum
A fallacy due to a threat which is either psychological or physical.
2. Argumentum ad hominem
(abusive) bias ra kaayu imung judgment sa akung batasan!
(circumstantial) ayaw isud sa akung huna2 nga bati ko pagkataw!
(tu quoque) kai aku mn sd? daghan kaayung rasun para iblame ko, wa jd ka kakita ug rasun i-appreciate ko!
3. False Cause
Naglibog ko kai nausab ang dagan sa storya! sure ka mao nai rasun????
4. False Analogy
your conditions are too inadequate to warrant sound judgment.
5. Red Herring
do not focus on extraneous variables! di na mao ang rasun!
6. Dicto Simpliciter
hahai! ayaw pataka ug gamit ug prinsipyo!


The Human Mechanism

       What is a worth-living life? A happy life? What then is a happy life? A life of laughter? An achievement? Righteousness? Values? Self Actualization? Transcendence?

       God gave me happiness, but still I don’t know why I want to be happy. I don’t know why I want to feel satisfied. I don’t know why I want to be filled.

       Happiness will always be an issue as long as people strive to make life worth living. Why do we want to be happy? 18 years was not enough to know the answer. I’ve been to Philosophy classes, I did not find the answer. I’ve learned much from Psychology, still there’s no answer. Math never quantified happiness, English only described it. Science defined its nature. There was never an answer why.

       When we feel that there’s an empty space inside us why do we want to fill it? When we feel hungry, why do we eat? Why do we choose to live? We want our lives to be directed to what is good, no matter what kind of goodness we consider. Why does a child cry first when he feels hungry instead of laughing? Why do we feel bad when something we consider unpleasant happens, or why do we feel happy in pleasure? There seems to be a pattern of responses to corresponding stimuli. If this is so, then what is the point of living? To live according to how we were built? Then it would be like we are just wearing ourselves and conforming to what our selves can do. We can never get out from us. If we make life worth-living, what then? When we are happy, what then?

       The conclusion of life will always be its termination, unless there is an afterlife.

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Truth shall remain TRUTH!


I have always asked myself…

Why do I need to filter the truth nd make it sound less hurtful.
If truth will set you free, why are there so many people afraid of freedom?
Which hurts greater, words with honesty or words of truthfulness?
If the truth hurts, why do we complain?

I don’t understand people who are sensitive about telling the truth. They don’t tell the truth because they are afraid to hurt somebody.
But here’s a thing… If I speak the whole truth and hurt somebody, I will not manipulate the truth to make it sound less hurtful because a truthful data yeilds a valid answer. It is no one’s fault you’ve been living a painful reality and caused you to perceive the truth as pain. There is no need to manipulate the truth, speak the whole of it. If there is someone who should adjust, he should be someone who beholds the truth. He is hurt because he perceives the truth as hurtful. It is his perception that is to be blamed, not our capability to tell the truth. Complain about the pain, not the truth. Truth shall remain the truth. Pain shall be coped.


Posted on September 12, 2016 at 7:35 AM

Left Behind


Here I am at the tip of the deepest underneath with dreams bent and broken by the wind of burning wrath. How happy I was to freely spread my wings and surpass every storm with courage. I was a happy child. I was brave. I had faith. I was strong from the start even without your presence. How could you dare break my life? How I wish blaming you will turn back the times. How I wanted revenge to take over my eyes and don’t see your path. How I dream to build my life again. How I pray you didn’t come back and make my life miserable like this. How I grieve I wasn’t born. You took away the joy, the faith, the mind, the love, and the pupose of my life. I have no map to get my self out of here. I am lost and wandering for little hope. And here I am watching the people rise with their wings, while I who flew high above the stormy skies had fell down and shattered and couldn’t stand upon my knees. And here your are with your hands off, watching me die on my own. Look at me die, shivering in tremendous pain. You are not responsible of me.

Posted on April 11, 2016 at 11:45 AM

A Journey through the Fires of Hell

On February 13, 2016 at 6:00 PM:

I am burning in pain
I am firing with anger
I am heading to destruction
And I am fading in silence.

For what reason do people need help always so badly?
Is it because they can’t stand on their own?
Or is it a sign of unpreparedness?
Whatever it may be, ask for it appropriately.

Going home became harder than going out.
There were more than once you said the neighbours harm
But it turned out that home was worth the flee
Then neighbourhood became a friend to me.

No words to say though nothing’s okay.
Why do you impoverish your tongue?
Don’t keep your mouth shut!
I will kill you or you kill me if you just!

Stop it! You stupidity!
For how many years you lived with your dissonance,
You are still your unresolved memory
You idiot! This is not by chance.

You looked back at what should be forgotten
And you discovered you haven’t forgiven
This was your choice to dwell
You brought me towards your journey to hell.