My Year in Review 2016


Purposely Alive

Do what keeps you purposely alive!man-jumping

Second Chances

Life has granted me a second chance…
this song gave me hope to “get up and walk” again…

When emptiness is all there is to see,
The joy that you once knew, a distant memory.
When the purpose of each morning is forgotten with each night,
And it doesn’t seem to matter if you give up or you fight.
Look again, that is when your world’s about to change.
Nothing in life is so permanent that love can’t re-arrange.

Second chances
Life is rich with second chances,
Second songs with second dances, second melodies.
For if you’ve only got one shot,
if once or nothing’s all you’ve got,
Your days would just be filled with single moments, single memories.
But I believe hearts can conceive of more than one bright happy ending
Roads may split in two, you can’t go down both in advance.
We know and yet we still forget
our paths are never so unbending,
Life has given you a second chance.

Second chances
The world provides with second chances.
New adventures, new romances, new responsibilities.
For if you’re always looking back,
your eyes might miss the second track
You take no chances, seize no day, live no possibilities.
But hearts desire, hearts afire,
ablaze you grow from a single ember,
Yesterday turns toward tomorrow, a brand new circumstance.
What’s past is past but it’s not the last
We’re not alive to just remember.
When life has said to you, Not a chance, but two…

Life has granted you a second chance.

Endurance Deserves Reward

Sometimes, you need to reward your self not because you did a good job but for enduring the pain that you face as you walk through the path.



Posted on June 12, 2015 at 2:10 AM

I Succumb to Incertitude


It’s the feeling of misconnection.
Everything seemed to turn from their direction.
I am not what I want.
I cannot have what they got.
These days may seem familiar.
But the world still feels too far.
Stars are not twinkling in heaven.
The moon hides itself again.
I need critique, not criticism.
I need company, not heroism.
Sometimes I suffer. Sometimes I win.
This time my cheerful exterior hides trouble within.
I befall with undercut endeavors.
I stumble with desolate demeanor.
I come with a sense of defeat.
I fall and I forfeit.


Posted on August 18, 2015 at 9:15 PM



I often find myself cognitively dissonant. It is so hard to consolidate my ABCs when I’m all by myself listening to these intrusive thoughts. The courage in my heart is not enough to undermine my mind when there is no human solicitude.

But as long as I can live, I will exist.
As long as I can remember, I will keep it.
For as long as I can bare with it, I will be patient.

So let them detest!
For someday they will see
this man they put to test
has made what he could be.

He has perished.
And he will rise from death,
death where every dead took strength.


Posted on August 14, 2015 at 5:10 PM