Shame | Guilt | Inferiority

Now he remembers…

He was told to be ashamed of himself because he hadn’t done enough to reciprocate the love he received.

He was told to be guilty for not knowing and not being good enough at anything he did.

He was told to be inferior because he received “too much” love, and that someone deserved that love more than him.

That feeling that he wasn’t loved at all but he understands their situation.

The result…

Now he has weakend power to will, to live with a purpose, and to fight the I-can’t-do-it thinking.


Look Into The Human Side…

We are, of course, expected to make something to happen, to bring good results, to arrive at the expected outcome. But man is subject to human frailties, some expectations are unmet. Then people become underwhelmed and exasperate the incompetence.

The role of a good leader is to dare to ask what the matter is and what hinders the person from doing well; and provide assistance and opportunities where the person might learn how to cope.

The success of a leader is defined beyond achievement when what has been created is a good relationship with everyone.

You wouldn’t know that a person who is full of spirit on his demeanor is dying inside unless you dare to ask and care to connect.

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10 Reasons Ambiverts Are Wonderful Leaders

Writer, Poet, Marketer

The Ambivert straddles the line perfectly, between extroversion and introversion. A fascinating hybrid of the outward extrovert and inward introvert, they are poised and ready at any given event, and are un-fluffed by any situation that may require a more extroverted, or introverted stance. The advantages to being an ambivert are as numerous as the many lists that make up all the great things about being an introvert, or an extrovert.

However, the difference here being that no one group is dominant in the ambivert; each side compliments the other. There are many extroverted vs introverted warrings going on, so we thought we’d give a nod to the wonderful ambiverts out there who help to keep the peace and remind us we are all simply wonderful!

1. They are intuitive

They are aware of subtle changes in people, tone and environments. Intuitive, like the introvert, the ambivert is well positioned to notice when something is up, but like the extrovert, will offer to discuss any underlying issues with the individuals or groups of people, and work with them to work it out.

2. They are inspiring

Both introverts and extroverts can see themselves reflected in the ambivert and so are inspired and influenced, rather than turned off, by their attributes. An introvert will turn away from an extroverted leader who is far too brash or loud, or who intimidates them, and the extrovert will find no inspiration in an introverted leader who tends to come slightly unstuck in social situations, or who the extrovert feels is unable to take charge.

3. They are assertive

They are not afraid to speak up, and how. Strong, direct yet respectfully aware whilst commanding that same respect, the ambivert is a true leader in every sense. A perfect mix of confidence, self-assuredness and quiet strength.

4. They liaise like a pro

Different clients and contacts require different approaches in communication. An extrovert may put off an introverted contact if they come on too strong, and the introvert may appear anti-social to an extroverted investor looking for a people-person. Ambiverts are adept at adapting to any situation, and are able to rise to the occasion without having to play out of range.

5. They don’t fake it

There’s nothing like an introvert being told to act extroverted, or an extrovert constantly being asked to “tone it down” to throw a spanner in the works. An ambivert has the clear advantage here as they can get on with the task at hand without worrying which of their many personalities need to come out and play. They are free to just be and navigate perfectly, the murky waters of prescribed conduct, and have no problem being themselves in all situations. And because they’re not having to pretend to be something they’re not, they are less likely to experience burn out.

6. They delegate according to strength

Ambiverts make excellent managers as they are well aware of the strengths of both personality groups and play to those strengths accordingly, in order to get the best and most efficient results from their workers. Want someone to wine and dine clients all week? The extrovert is your call. Need someone to read and review that new book over the weekend? The introvert is your go to. Everyone’s happy!

7. They wrote the book on networking

Send them into the lions den that is the networking room, and they’ll come back with hundreds of new leads and 100 new confirmed clients for you to work with, and possibly keys to a new yacht! They’ll be the highlight of the room, and when it’s time to wine down and recharge, they’ll know when to bid adieu, and leave the room on a high. Fist pump!

8. They don’t play favorites

With a balanced personality and a more balanced outlook on life, they show no favouritism to one side, and therefore are fair in their dealings. You won’t get the bully-boss who only picks on the introvert, or the boss who runs a mile from their extroverted employees. They are approachable to all, and not an anomaly. They’re not in the business of asking you to be more “out there” or calling you “anti-social”. They see, and know all too well both sides of the coin.

9. They make excellent peacekeepers

In a world that has gotten far too used to bashing opposing personality types, ambiverts are the cool and calm hippies of the world. They’re all about keeping the peace because they understand that no one personality type is better than the other. They are the mediator, refusing to speak ill about either. To the ambivert, each personality is pure gold and we should just all respect each other and get along!

10. They get you

A confidant, who embraces your personality and encourages you is someone anyone would be glad to follow. There’s no having to explain or convince or apologise with the ambivert. They understand who you are. You’re free to just be, which builds confidence, which in turn makes you a confident and competent worker. And that’s always a good thing.


The Past

I’ve thrown a paper airplane to the wind
it flew so freely, it was lost
I’ve run to traffic with my friends and foes
to find that valued, no one knows

Days were passing by
all I saw was none of mine
No one heard if I’m still alive
nor sought to see I’m still behind

The night freezes tremendously
I ran fast to free the scare
I found a shelter I didn’t care
just hide from the eyes of the great nightmare

At the sight of the dark embrace
everything seemed to be silent
Trees were dancing with the gentle whispers of the wind
for they were glad to see the light

A new day has come
I am in awe what I’ve become
I found my long lost valued one beside a cave
and the cave is where I live

I think of those consequences
I am the author of my mistake
Today, what’s left is what I am
Who’d know my life has just begun

(a poem I have written during the Poem Writing – Free Style Competition in High School)

A Great Woman

January 11, 2015 06:22 PM
On January 12, 2016 at 5:25 AM:
Death has ended your life on earth. My tears mean I am and will be missing you.

I want to say sorry for being so incapable of helping you see, hear, and feel the things that you’ve always wanted.

I didn’t know how to help you through the pain. It was so hurtful to see you very weak and dying. But I was able to carry a little of your boundless burden by knowing what was inside: your anger, your discomforts, your silence, your dreams.

You will always be Mommy. I won’t see you anymore but I can still watch you stitch my torn polo in my dreams. I can’t touch you anymore, but I can still feel you in my heart. I won’t hear you answer my question, “kumusta mami?!”, but I can always listen to your voice I recorded through my phone without you knowing it.

For a great woman who has been bowed and whose hands have been a mark of hard work and kinship, I SALUTE YOU! God will crown your endeavors in heaven.

Yours with a prayer,

P.S. You are more beautiful in this picture than when I saw you a while ago.

Happy New Year!



Thanks to all who visited my blog and made it to 457 hits since November 2016. Thank you for following and liking my posts too! Though I think some of those seem nonsensical 😀 I’m enlivened every time someone responds to my thoughts.

There’s still a lot in store for all of us this 2017, more blessings and more integrity-overthrows, more thoughts to share 🙂 and I look forward to your comments and opinion to make this as interesting as this new year.

Happy happy New Year WordPress 😀


The answers to my questions do not require my thinking. I never over-thought about answers. I just repeatedly asked and rephrased the questions ’til they’re answered by the one asked. I know my questions and I know what I’m asking for coz my inquiry is purposive. So don’t reply an indeterminate answer.

My negations are always senseful.

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